For many Nigerians, the COVID-19 outbreak has created a major shift in workplace dynamics as most states are locked down and employees have been asked to work from home. For those who have worked from home in the past, this may not be a big adjustment; for others, this is a whole new era of setting up quiet spaces and more.

So, we decided to come up with some guidelines that can help you increase productivity while working from home.

  1. Wake Up Early and Plan Your Day: Wake up as early as possible as you do when going to work and also plan your day ahead. Take note of the things you need to achieve before the end of the day.
  2. Follow your morning routines: Follow your normal morning routines by taking your showers, taking breakfast. Wear comfortable clothes too. Some people believe that when you work comfortable clothes and work from home you tend to be more productive.
  3. Create a workplace with table and chair: This is very important; you have to create a workplace away from distraction and less noise. Find a place where you can get less distracted with minimum or no noise at all. Don’t ever try to work on your bed.
  4. Have Your Lunch Break Time: Finally, its important to make sure you have your lunch break time. Take a break from working and take your lunch.

Working at home may make you feel that you are always at work. So, set limits to everything you do, when you will read emails, do meetings and write reports. We hope this can help.

So, how’s working from home?