The Searching F Project…

“Searching F” – “Searching Future” implies “Searching for the Future”; We are currently on a search for Contributors to the Future of Innovations and Technological Developments in Ogun State.

The “Searching F” project would majorly comprise of the  profiling of Tech. and Innovative Talents/Businesses within Schools in Ogun State; this stems down from the statistics which argued that Ogun State, which has the most number of Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria, produces over 50% on Tech. Talents who are contributing to the socio-economic development of other states in the Country.

These talents or businesses have been said to migrate to other parts of the Country (particularly, Lagos and Abuja) in search of opportunities and to develop these states leaving Ogun State at the backline of Socio-economic and Technological development.

Major complaints of these Talents/Businesses have been the unavailability of opportunities or companies that require their services here in Ogun State, hence the migration.

Meanwhile, several opportunities are available in Ogun State; these opportunities go untapped because of the misconception that they don’t exist.